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If you haven’t used the compatibility checker now would be a good time to see if you need EZWire too.

HōlHōm+ (pronounced whole home) is more than a smart thermostat.  Exactly the same as HōlHōm but it works with most regular meters, including mechanical meters. HōlHōm+ includes a meter data collector that attaches to your electricity meter where it gathers information about energy consumption and transmits it to your HōlHōm+.

HōlHōm+’s primary purpose is to collect your energy information and help you manage it.  Since your heating and cooling is the single largest user of energy in your home HōlHōm has an advanced Teaching Smart Thermostat that will keep you comfortable while saving you money.

Is HōlHōm+ compatible with your furnace?  Check now with our interactive tool and find out.

Learn more about HōlHōm.

System Requirements: 

  1. Non-ZigBee Meter or Electromechanical Meter (check here to learn more)
  2. Common Wire (check here to learn more), or optional EZwire

You have a ZigBee-enabled Smart Meter?  No problem, HōlHōm works with Zig-Bee-enabled smart meters.  Check our guide for HōlHōm compatible meters and HōlHōm+ compatible meters.

Optional Add-on:

  1. HōlHōm Smart Plug - you can see your energy breakdown by individual appliances. Just plug in any device like your refrigerator, home theater system, or any appliance and compare the last hour, day or month.
  2. EZwire - a unique, proven, patented (no one else has it) solution to the typical thermostat retrofit problem where the old thermostat had no need for a common wire so there is none, and are no extra wires available.